Llama Love: Nature’s Best Fertilizer

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Southwest Colorado is the ultimate place to raise llamas and alpacas.

The peaks and high desert plains of southwestern Colorado, near Telluride, are a lot like the Andes region of South America to which llamas and alpacas are indigenous. This part of the United States has become a natural haven for the animals and there are numerous llamasteries and farms that keep camelids for breeding, trekking, harvesting their wool and yes, gathering their precious scat for fertilizer.

Now, you don’t have to live here to take advantage of Nature’s Best Fertilizer: We will send you our premium organic fertilizer so that your plants and gardens can experience Llama Love.

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No longer do you have to live in the Andes in South America to have access to the best organic fertilizer in the world: Llama Love Fertilizer will ship it to you. Llama and alpaca manure or "beans" are the most precious natural fertilizer on the market. You will notice a difference in the quality of your soil and in the way your plants grow after even just a single use. Our llamas are raised in an organic llamastery in southwest Colorado, in the high desert plains below Telluride, and they live a happy, peaceful and grass-fed lifestyle. The fertilizer is full of the three key ingredients needed for healthy soil: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). Because of the unique digestive process of the animals, Llama Love Fertilizer is naturally odor-free, safe for direct use on plants and acts as a deer repellent. These beans work their magic on newly planted trees, gardens, lawns and even houseplants. Order your LLama Love today.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

llama, alpaca, manure, fertilizer, organic, gardening

Happy, well-fed llamas make the best organic fertilizer.

The first time I applied llama beans to my garden I was astonished. I felt the same way Jack must have felt when his beanstalk flourished, and like Jack, I owed it all the magic beans.

The best part about it was that they were an organic fertilizer instead of a synthetic fertilizer—I applied the beans directly to the plants with no fear about pesticides or contaminants. My veggies were robust and beautiful, my sunflowers were statuesque and all my plants were fuller and more healthy than I imagined possible.

Try Lllama Love Fertilizer and you’ll see: those beans really are magic.

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The World’s Best Organic Fertilizer

llama, alpaca, manure, fertilizer, garden, flower

Llama beans coaxed this magnificent sunflower.

Llama and alpaca manure is naturally rich in the three key ingredients needed to fertilize soil: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K).  The animals also have a unique digestive system—three stomachs that process what they eat—which causes the manure to be nutrient-rich and odor-free. The manure is processed so thoroughly during digestion that it can be applied directly to the plants (without being aged) or as a “tea,” mixed with water. The llama or alpaca scat is often called beans because of its appearance, and is also a natural deer repellent.

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